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Why 0.5°C matters

Now a study estimates that an estimated 0.5 C rise in trmprtire could have huge consequences for coral reefs, crop yields and fresh water availability.


We are now geologically in what is called the Quaternary Period, which is characterized by periodic cold snaps, which is to say, glaciations. Glaciers have come and glaciers have gone for more than two million years, and we expect they’ll continue to come and go mainly because of the way the earth wobbles and wends it way around the sun. Before the Quaternary was the Pliocene, and well before this was the better known (thanks, Hollywood!) Jurassic, which ran 145 to 200 million years ago. And before the Jurassic was the Triassic, extending back another 25 millions years.

SOME 175 governments signed the Paris climate agreement last Friday to try to limit warning to below 2°C – and if possible 1.5°C. But no one known what difference that half degree would make.


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Now a study estimates that it could have huge consequences for coral reefs, crop yields and fresh water availability.





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By analyzing climate models used in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, a group of researchers found “hotspots” that would be disproportionately affected by the half-degree rise (Earth System Dynamics,



For the Mediterranean this means an 8 per cent difference in water availability. For the tropics, it means a drop in crop yields of 40 per cent as opposed to 25 per cent, and heatwaves lasting up to three months rather than two.


9 Jul 2016

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