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 Imran Khan

VEON launched in Pakistan, Consumerism remains unanswered

Mobile Consumers in Pakistan may face yet another challenge with VEON launching unusually attractive packages.The company is however unable to answer privacy related issues. (Magazines on Science & Technology)


VEON was launched in the country by VEON Limited claiming it to be Pakistanís most advanced internet platform, with Jazz as its first telco partner.

Unveiled at an event in Lahore, VEON claims to  redefine the personal internet experience in the country by offering services to its subscribers in an altogether new manner, the digital landscape of the country and how Pakistanis communicate.

The question however remains how much the application will get out of your private data when installed on your smart phone.

Consumers in Pakistan are kept in dark and PR team of VEON is not ready to answer.

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Subscribers are lured into services offered by VEON even when they are out of balance.

It simply uses your phoneís mobile network or Wi-Fi (where available) to let you call, chat, send pictures and videos for free, so you donít have to pay for every message or call.

VEON tall claims aside it is yet to be seen how much consumer may have to pay by surrendering their vital data to the Telecom Giant.

Our correspondent has tried to get in touch with VEON PR department, response to our questions is still awaited.

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October 12, 2017

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