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Human Free, Human trials

A tiny replica body on the chip will be a safer, more accurate testing ground for new drugs, reports Popular Science magazine. (Now available in Pakistan)                        

Earlier this year, French company Biotrial held a clinical trial to test a new anti-anxiety drug. It didnít go well: Five of the eight participants became ill, and one died. Such disasters are rare. Ninety percent of drugs tested on humans do not work.


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Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) researchers have set out to build a comprehensive human body in miniature.



Beyond testing drugs, organs on chips could be made with a specific patientsí cells to find the best treatment for the patientís cells.

A tiny replica body on the chip will be a safer, more accurate testing ground for new drugs.     To read full content subscribe to the Popular Science magazine                                                                            


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23 December 2016

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