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CPEC - Pakistan to hand over agriculture to China People of Pakistan are not aware of the fact that under CPEC, the country's agriculture is being handed over to China with a purpose to boost the market. It is not yet clear why it is being kept secret  as Genetically modified produce is likely to replace organic ones.

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What is OBOR?


Attacks on Chinese nationals and interests in Pakistan are likely to continue Despite being armed with suicide vests, hand grenades and AK-47s, the militants failed to enter the consulate building and were neutralised at the entrance..

Pakistan cuts Chinese 'Silk Road' rail project by $2 billion due to debt concerns The megaproject to revamp the colonial-era line stretching 1,872 km (1,163 miles) from Karachi to the northwestern city of Peshawar was initially priced at $8.2 billion, but wrangling over costs has led to delays.

CPEC - threats and potential - an assessment. Long-term political stability in Pakistan is key to success for Pakistan's regional economic pursuits. Pakistan's security situation suggest a troubled future unless sustainable democracy takes root. 

Belt and Road

Pakistan and China Geopolitical Friends?  

Xinjiang Conflict

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Geopolitical Friends? Pakistan is turning a blind eye to China's major concerns. Can Pakistan deliver? The ruling Nawaz Sharif is yet to make a clean break from his past links with religious extremes. The need to address Pakistan's social slide into religious intolerance need more than execution-spree...


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